Rules and Prices

We're open from 7am 7 days a week. In the summer, the gates are locked at 9pm and in winter at 5pm.


As always there must be rules to ensure the welfare of our fish, wildlife and the environment around us. We will impose these rules strictly, anyone breaking these rules will be asked to leave the fishery.

  1. Valid EA licence required to fish
  2. 2 rods maximum
  3. Unhooking mats to be used if unhooking fish on ground
  4. Barbless hooks only
  5. No high oil pellet or boilie to be used as loose feed (bait limits will apply during the summer)
  6. During summer months no left over bait to be discarded into lake (please take it home)
  7. No litter, please take it home
  8. No sea fishing rods
  9. Do not leave rods unattended
  10. Keepnets can be used during the winter and matches only, maximum of 60lb of fish per keepnet, seperate fish friendly nets for silvers and carp
  11. No nut baits
  12. All Fish to to returned to the lake, it is an offence to remove fish from the fishery

Day Ticket Prices

Day tickets run from 7am to 9pm, 7 days a week. We run matches on weekends, please check the events section for upcoming listings.


  • 1 Rod £7
  • 2 Rods £9

Junior, over 65 and disabled

  • 1 Rod £5
  • 2 Rods £7

Summer evening prices from 4pm to 9pm

  • £5 for 1 or 2 rods


We sell our own top quality fishery pellet which gives great results for the carp.

  • 3mm Brown
  • 4mm Dark
  • 8mm Brown

Priced at £3 per kilo, £2.50 when you buy 4 kilos or more.

We also do bulk deals! Postage can be arranged but will be payed by purchaser.